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Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy

We S.O.A.R

We participate in the Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS)program.  This program offers incentives and activities to our students whose conduct is in line with the rules and expectations of our school program.  We encourage the motto SOARing: SAFE, ON-TASK, ACCOUNTABLE and RESPECTFUL.    


We encourage our students to get caught being good so that they can earn “Class Do-Jo Points” to spend in our school store and other special activities.  In addition, there are many additional incentives that the students can earn participation in throughout the year.  


As we celebrate our student’s acceptable behavior at The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School, we encourage you to encourage your child to enter the building each day focused on following school rules and making the most of his/.her instructional day.  Remind them that school will be as much fun as they make it.


As we reflect on last school year 2017-18, there were many exciting activities the students were able to participate in.   We were able to earn the GOLD PBIS Award from the state of MARYLAND!!!!  Congratulations The Historic Samuel-Coleridge Taylor Elementary School family we did it again!

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