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School Policies

     If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher concerning his/her progress, please make an appointment with the teacher and set up a time before or after school. Teachers are not available to conference with parents during the instructional day. Teachers may also (at their discretion) conference during their planning period.


Parents may observe, but may not conference, during instructional time. Home school connection is the key; we are a team.

     The Historic Samuel Coleridge Eagle is our official newsletter and will be sent home with students monthly to keep parents abreast of all the happenings here at our school. Look for the Eagle monthly.

     Radios, cell phones, head sets, video games,  tape players, and other electronic devices Are Not to be brought to school for any reason. These expensive items are disruptive to classes and cause many problems.  If brought to school, they will be confiscated and returned to the parents, ONLY. In repeated instances, the device will be handed over to school police.  The parent will have to secure the item from North Avenue. The Historic Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary School Is Not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged electronics brought to school.

     The school telephones will be used for business purposes only.
In the event of injury or illness an official from the school will call you. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL TO SPEAK WITH YOUR CHILD(This Disrupts Instruction). IF THERE ARE ANY SPECIFICS THAT NEED TO BE DISCUSSED, IT SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE THE CHILD LEAVES FOR SCHOOL.  

Feel free to leave a message for your child.

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