The Historic Samuel Coleridge Taylor will serve breakfast each morning from 7:30 -7:55 a.m. 


We participate in the school-wide breakfast program.  All children eat for free. No student will be served after 7:55 a.m., as this would interfere with the start of the instructional day.



Lunch is served in the cafeteria. All children eat breakfast and lunch free of charge. 


All students are required to eat in the cafeteria. 


PBIS behaviors must be used at all times. 


Students are expected to follow the cafeteria rules listed below:

  1. Remain seated until called to the line.

  2. Use a low tone (inside) voice.  Level 2

  3. Clean up your table when you have finished eating.

  4. Do not touching anyone else's food.

  5. Obtain permission before leaving  the cafeteria for any reason.

  6. Line up quietly and walk with your class to your teacher, when called for dismissal.

  7. Follow the instructions of the cafeteria staff at all times.

(410) 396-0783


(667) 218-2165

507 W Preston St, Baltimore, MD 21201